Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Brass to Class

Well, here we are in the middle of October, and I am trying to hurry and do all those outdoor projects that were supposed to be done this summer.  Fortunately, the weather has been pretty awesome, and I have done quite a bit of painting.

                                                  Before                                After

My front doors and shutters are hunter green, and I am so done with them!  Yesterday, I decided to paint the doors black.  Not pitch black, but a nice shade of black I picked out at the paint store.  It's Benjamin Moore Onyx, and I also picked a nice green that I may paint my shutters, but I don't want to get in over my head.  One thing at a time!  Anyway, I put 2 coats on the doors yesterday, but I think the first coat wasn't really dry (I'm not real patient!), and they didn't end up looking too great.  So... I let them dry good overnight, and rolled another coat on today.  They turned out pretty good, for a DIYer. 

As long as the knobs were off for painting, I figured I might as well sand them a bit and spray the outside handles with Oil Rubbed Bronze, one of my Rustoleum favs.  I've done a few indoor light fixtures, my cabinet knobs, and my outdoor light fixtures.  Say goodbye to brass, and hello to oil rubbed bronze.  What a difference.  I love it!!

                                          Brass before                         Oil Rubbed Bronze after

         Front door with new knob

Here's a few pics of my light fixtures.  They once were a nice shiny brass, but now after 16 years, were a rather discolored, tarnished shade of yuck.  Spray paint to the rescue.  I wiped them down, took them apart, primed and then painted them.  They're like brand new!

Before - tarnished brass

Ok, I guess a couple of my lights were still shiny, but they were take offs my hubby brought home from a job he was on. 

Before - shiny brass

Now they all match, garage, front porch and back patio.  Yea!!

Notice the one on the right is missing it's tail!  The threaded part rusted right off, and I need to find another one.  Oh well, it's OK for now, it's just the back slider light.

Well, I also stenciled a rug for the front door, but that I'll share later.  It turned out really cute.

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