Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Banner Quilt

I have made a few quilts in my years of sewing, but this is by far my favorite.  Decided to research a bit, ask questions of my quilting friends, and do this right.  I am beyond happy with the result!

Last spring I bought these fabrics, just because I really liked them. I'll admit it, I'm a fabric junky.  The base fabrics are Heidi Grace prints from JoAnn's, and the rest coordinate. I wanted to make a baby quilt, but couldn't decide on a pattern.

Spent an hour or so looking on my pinterest quilt board, and chose an isosceles triangle design. See the third print from the left? It was a no brainer.  The pin linked to a blog post that was a quilt-a-long, so that was really helpful.  She used a triangle quilt template, I improvised with a 30, 60, 90 triangle handed down to me from my dad. He built homes for a living, and drew all his own blue prints. A couple pieces of electrical tape and I can start cutting.

Started cutting an even number of print and white triangles, laid them out and rearranged until I was happy.  I began sewing the triangles together, one row at a time.

I remembered a little travel iron my mom snagged for me at a garage sale. Set my sleeve board next to my machine, and I pressed each seam as I went.  

Once all the rows were stitched, I matched seams and sewed the rows together. Starting to look really good!

Time to lay out my quilt sandwich. I did it on carpet and tacked the back with pins to keep it nice and taught, then laid my warm & white batting, then the quilt top.  

This is the only picture I took of this process. This is the back, face down, pinned to the carpet.  After the layers were safety pinned together, I took these straight pins out and started quilting, 1/4" on each side of each seam. 

I used my walking foot, and if you have one, I would highly recommend it. The top foot feeds your fabric along with the feed dogs below, keeping your layers moving evenly. 

Forgot to take any pictures of the binding process, but used the method most of the directions suggested. Machine stitched to the top, and hand stitched to the back.  The angled edges proved a little challenging, but after a couple tries I got the hang of it.

Couldn't wait to wash it, and give it that crinkly, cotton batting quilt look. I wasn't disappointed.

The backing fabric is flannel, making it even more snuggly!

After washing it I remembered I wanted to sew a quilt label on.
Printed on a piece of fabric, sewed a little banner on, and hand stitched it to the back. 

A couple more pictures, just because.

Quilting might be my new favorite thing. Problem is parting with it when I'm done. Not sure about this one, I may have to hang onto it. The colors and pattern are really my favorites. 

Here is the link to the isoceles quilt along, if you'd like to try one.
Mommy by Day Crafter by Night isosceles-triangle-quilt-along

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