Saturday, June 2, 2012

Spring Wreath

I know that it's actually going to be summer soon, as my kids only have 1 more week of school.  But I finally got around to making a spring wreath for my front door.  I found one on pinterest I really loved, and was sure I could make myself rather easily.  I already had a grapevine wreath from years ago.  It used to be a fall wreath with silk leaves hot glued to it.  I pulled them off awhile ago, but it's just been laying around, waiting to be redone.  So I printed a picture of the one I liked, and did my best to duplicate it, with the materials I had on hand.  Here is how my version turned out.

Here's the original I copied.

Which brings up another subject, the color of my door.  Our house is white with a dark green roof, and hunter green shutters and front door.  I am sooooo tired of the green (hate might be a better description!), but I don't know what color to paint them.  I think I really want my front door black, but not sure about the shutters.  Anyhow, this wreath on the black door looks really good. Here are a few more pictures of my wreath, on my green door, and in the front entry. 

I used scraps of fabric left from a lampshade with antique letter script, ironed craftbond on the back, and embroidered S P R I N G on it.  Then I cut around each letter and sewed them to a piece of jute twine. You could easily just use scrapbook paper, and print the letters or stamp them, or write them, and then glue the letters to a string.

The flowers are just rolled roses, that you can find about a million tutorials for online.  I never think I like the way mine turn out, but after they're done and arranged they look fine.

So that's my little bit of spring, a little late.  I glued the flowers to a piece of burlap and just wired them on, so I can remove them and reuse my wreath for summer.  Maybe by August or so I'll get around to that....

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