Saturday, November 2, 2013

Desk turned Nightstand

Well, here it is. I'll show you the after before the before.

I am in the process of redoing our master bedroom. Last weekend I finally painted the walls a nice neutral greige, after being gold for more years than I wanted.  I just needed one thing to get the ball rolling, and I finally found a bedspread I loved, so it has begun.  

My best friend and personal decorating consultant stopped by last week and told me I needed a nightstand on my side of the bed that sort of matched the dresser on the other side

Here's what I was using, an antique sewing cabinet.

So I started checking craigslist for something cheap or free I could remodel to work. Then it struck me. I had a french style desk in the basement I bought a few years back to paint and resell.  I think I paid $30 for it. The wheels started turning, and I got to thinking maybe I could take the top off of it, cut it back and just use the drawer side as a nightstand.

Here's what I started with.

It's a cheap piece with lamitated particle board for most of it, and the top is like a formica.  I started by removing the top and right leg section.  Most of it just came apart pretty easy, and I was left with the drawer end and a couple of supports that just needed to be cut flush with the chest part. 

I cut the long pieces off, and was left with a nice 3 drawer chest.

The biggest hurdle was figuring out how to reuse the top, or make a new one.  I considered a couple options, and decided I could cut the old top in 2 pieces and screw them back together. That way I retained the cute, curvy shape that it was.  Luckily, my hubby came home just about the time I had decided that was the plan. He hauled out Grandpa's old (seriously antique, I think!) table saw, and made the cuts I needed. I went back downstairs and fastened the pieces together. 

It's what I was thinking, but the rough, laminate joint in the middle's not going to cut it!

So, off to Lowe's I went to try find a thin piece of plywood to cut to lay over this. I found a 2'x2' piece of birch plywood for $4.58, and new jigsaw blades for $3.08.  A little over $8.00 with tax, and I'm a happy girl!  Back home to my basement 'shop' and I traced the shape of the top on my plywood. Cut it out with a jigsaw with a new blade, so worth the money, and it came out great.

A little sanding and adjusting, and it was perfect.

Fortunately again my hubby came home just then. We tried to think of ways to attach it, as it is too thin to nail or screw. I was going to buy a tube of Liquid Nails, but decided he would surely have something that would work.  Ah, we have an old can of contact cement from redoing my parents countertops years ago. He had to pretty much destroy the lid to get it open, but once inside, it was fine. You brush or roll a coat on each surface, and let it dry for like 20 minutes. It gets tacky, and then you stick in on. We did that, and put heavy stuff on it to dry overnight.

Then I got to paint it, my favorite part. Nothing transforms things as quickly and easily as paint.  Even though it was basically the color I wanted, I didn't want that fake yellow greenish laminate wood look.  A couple of coats of Annie Sloan chalk paint in Old White, and I am in love. 

The paint is kind of pricey, but I love how it turns out. When you sand it, it comes off really chalky, but the surface is so smooth.  It's pretty distressed too, but hard to tell from these pics.  The dresser that it is supposed to match was a craiglist freebie that might be my most favorite. It has been in my daughter's room, but she rearranged and didn't want it anymore. Yea for me, now it's mine!! I'll share that with you another time.  

The top worked out so well, no one would ever know. Except now I just told everyone. 

I'm so happy with this piece. It is exactly what I was picturing in my head.  A small chest with lots of storage, and solid to the floor to hid all my cords behind it.  It usually holds a lamp, electric blanket control, kindle and charger, etc.  

One more, just for fun.

I have one more chest to redo for our bedroom, and hopefully a chair. I was going to reupholster the gold chair, but decided it has a lot of vintage appeal.  I'm going to leave it as it for now, just find it a new spot.  My daughter used it for senior pics, but I haven't got to see them yet. Can't wait!!

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and share my fun. Hope I inspire someone to try their own projects!


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