Friday, May 4, 2012

Mom & Dad's Chair

The story of this chair is long.  I'm pretty sure it started out it's life covered in a sort of vinyl, plastic like material.  My memory says it was a floral of browns and greens.  Anyhow, early on my parents recovered it in a blue nubby type material, and that is how I mainly remember it.

 Well, they replaced it a few years back, and of course I grabbed it.  It is small, and I thought it would fit great in a little girls room. It had a gathered skirt, that I pulled off right away.  At the time, my girl's room was pastel ginghams, so I made a slipcover to match.  I found a VHS tape at the library, with awesome directions, that I still use today.  I dug through old pictures, and scanned the only one I could find.

See it in the corner?  It was cute, and served it's purpose.  Then my girl wanted a big girl room, so we went with a Hawaiian theme. Bright pink and lime green, with a little orange and turquoise thrown in.  I'm hoping we've reached the digital age by now, and I can find a picture saved on CD.  Digging through old boxes of pictures is very time consuming.  It's also really sentimental.  Hurray, I found one!!

It was fun, and we loved it in her room.  But alas, she again outgrew her room style, and wanted shabby chic.  That is what it is now, and I will share lots of projects from her room later.  So the small chair ended up in the living room, with it's nasty blue fabric for a few years.  Finally, I had it and decided it was time to recover it.  We pulled the blue off, repaired springs and webbing, and added extra batting.

Found some fun fabric on clearance at Hobby Lobby.  Love the colors.

So, the nasty blue chair, lives again.  I planned it for the living room, but decided it just didn't feel right in there.  Then one day it dawned on me that it would be great in the corner of the kitchen, next to the slider.  Everyone always hangs out in the kitchen anyway, so it's perfect.  For now, at least.  The kitchen may have another makeover soon, if we can make up our mind.

This is where is it now, and we love it.  But nothing is forever.  See that red wall?  As soon as I wash the rest of my kitchen walls, that I took wallpaper off like a year ago or more, it will all get a fresh coat of paint. But that's a story for another day...

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