Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Glass Painting

Last week I had to bring a dessert to church for a bridal shower, and the wedding colors were pink and orange.  Well..... that sounded like fun to me, so I decided to make a couple of serving pieces for my dessert.  Last spring I found directions to make serving pieces from a dish and goblet or candlestick.  So next trip to Salvation Army, I picked up a couple of pieces that would work.  They were glass and ceramic.  Here are some pictures of my first attempts. The directions said to paint them with "Frosted Glass" as a primer so the spray paint will stick better.

Then just spray them any color you like.  A few light coats works best. 

The glasses are just sitting on the bottom of the plate while I painted them.  After the paint is dry, you take clear silicone, and glue them together.  Here is a couple of them completed.

So, this time I decided to try all clear glass pieces, so I wouldn't have to paint the top surface where food would sit, because the paint would just show through from the bottom.  A quick trip to Dollar Tree, and I was ready to go.

You actually could just silicone them together as is!

A nice coat of frosted paint, and then pink and orange. (I already had the paint!)


Let them dry overnight, or at least a few hours, if you're a little impatient like me. Put a nice ring of silicone around the top of the candlestick, and glue it to the center of the bottom of the plate.  You should probably let that dry for awhile too.

TA DA!!  How cute is that!

Well, then I had to make my dessert match the serving trays.

There you have it.  I view pretty much anything as an opportunity to be creative.  It's kind of frustrating at times, and really hard to focus on what "needs" to be done instead of what I "want to do."  So, search your cupboards for stuff you don't care for anymore, and see what a coat of paint will do.  It's great fun!!

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